Scientists of SPCGF attended the Kazakhstan Field Day "Jańa Dala / GreenDay 2021"

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On July 14, 2021, the "Kazakhstan Field Day" Jańa Dala / GreenDay 2021" began its work on the demonstration fields of LLP" Enbek ", Akkol district, Akmola region.
The event brought together professionals of the agro-industrial complex, official delegations of akimats of regions and districts, representatives of 150 companies in Kazakhstan, as well as countries of near and far abroad. It is worth noting that the participants of the Field Day with great interest got acquainted with the promising varieties of grain crops of the A.Barayev SPCGF.
During the examination of plots with breeding achievements of agricultural crops (in terms and rates of seeding, as well as for the introduction of various doses of fertilizers) at the demonstration site, scientists informed the participants about the qualities and uniqueness of promising varieties of the Center's breeding. Great interest of the participants was aroused at the exhibition stand by the presented developments on precision farming and the achievements of breeders of the Center, wheremanagers and specialists of agricultural enterprises could get acquainted with the scientific and practical achievements of the Center, proposed for introduction in North Kazakhstan, new promising varieties of agricultural crops, as well as get advice from scientists on the cultivation of cereals, legumes, oilseeds and forage crops. As known, the Center is a large producer of original and elite seeds for all approved and recommended varieties of grain and forage crops for the northern and central regions of Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the Kazakhstan Field Day "Jańa Dala / GreenDay 2021", the conference "Kazakhstan. Technologies for growing legumes in the conditions of climate change. Features of trade ", where the participants discussed topical problems of the agricultural sector and ways to solve them with the participation of domestic and foreign interested participants. The moderator of this panel platform was Kanat Akshalov, head of the laboratory for the development of adaptive and agrolandscape technologies of the SPCGF.

For reference: A.I.Barayev Scientific production center for grain farming is the leading institution in the republic engaged in applied research on the development of technologies for the cultivation of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, fodder crops and the creation of new varieties.
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