Grain crops in 2018/19 MY in the world will be the lowest in 3 years

According to FAO estimates, the grain harvest in the world will be the lowest in 3 years (2,59 billion tons).

The forecast for wheat in the world decreased by 14 million tons and amounted to 722 million tons.

"The downward changes are associated with events in the European Union, where the summer heat reduced the harvest in Scandinavia, so the forecast decreased by 6%," the report said.

The wheat harvest in the European Union is projected at 138 million tons.

"The forecasts for wheat harvest in China, Russia and Australia have also decreased, due to bad weather, but the forecasts have been increased in the USA and Argentina," experts underline.

The forecast for the feed grain harvest in the world amounted to 1,36 billion tons, which is 2.6% less than 2017.

"The growth of the forecast for corn production in the United States and China is associated with optimal weather," the FAO report said.

The increase in indicators in these countries compensates for the decline in indicators for the European Union and the Russian Federation, where forecasts were lowered due to a lack of moisture.
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