Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Israel visited A.I.Barayev SPCGF


Dr. Michal Levy, Senior Vice-President for Agricultural Innovations of the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Israel, visited the A.I.Barayev SPCGF. During the working visit, the Chairman of the Board Nurlan Serekpayev acquainted the members of the foreign delegation with the main areas of activity and scientific and practical results of the SPCGF, presented the developments and achievements of breeders, and also demonstrated the museum operating at the Center. Within the framework of the meeting, an exchange of experience in the development of scientific projects in the agricultural sector took place, and the possibilities of bilateral cooperation were discussed. 
Also, Dr. Michal Levy was shown the work of the Center for Production Management and Laboratories of the SPCGF, in turn, she noted the high achievements of the scientists of the SPCGF in the field of agricultural science.
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