Scientific and Production Center of grain farming named after A.I. Barayev

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•    LLP "Scientific and Production Center of grain farming named after  A.I. Barayeva " (SPCGF) is the leading institution in the country engaged in applied research to develop technologies for the cultivation of grain, legumes, oilseeds, forage crops and the creation of new varieties. It was founded in 1956 as the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of the Grain Economy, then it was renamed the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Grain Economy. A.I. Barayev.

•    The center has long-term stations for crop rotation, tillage, fertilizer, plant protection, conducts research on the agro technology of cultivation of various crops, which allows to monitor changes in soil fertility, the formation of yield and product quality, to offer new more advanced cultivation technologies.

•    In LLP SPC named after A.I. Barayev, within PCR implemented pilot Project "Creation of experimental-technological platform for precision farming."

•    For the implementation of this project: On typical soils of the Akmola region, an experimental ground was set up on an area of 3000 ha, where various technological innovations were tested like: digitization of fields; an agrochemical survey of elementary plots of arable land from 5 hectares of land was made; mapping of the distribution of nutrients; nitrogen fertilizers are differentially introduced; documenting technological operations in electronic form, monitoring equipment, the quality of technological operations is monitored.

•    A project management center was established, which carried out such operations as : maintaining the register of fields; interaction with "smart technology"; documentation of the production process ( agro blocks ); agro scouting according to the results of agrochemical survey of fields; satellite and weather monitoring of crops.

•    The average yield of spring wheat in the fields of precision agriculture landfill was 25.9 kg / ha, in the fields of traditional cultivation technology of 22.7 c / ha while the average yield in the region was 13.5 c / ha.

•    The introduction of the main elements of the system of accurate land-mining on the test site in 2018 made it possible to ensure profitability at the level of 33.5% and to get profit from 1 ha more than 43 thousand tenge.

•    The year 2018 was successful and fruitful for the Scientific and Production center of the grain farming named after A.I.Barayeva. So the researchers of the durum wheat laboratory were able to get 46.5 harvest centers from the Damsinskaya 2017 variety.

•    During 2018, a financial and economic rationale for the increase in share capital was developed. The result of this was the acquisition of new high-performance agricultural equipment.

•    Currently, breeding labour is carried out on 17 crops, and for such as millet, buckwheat, oats, peas, chickpeas, lentils, wheat grass, the Center is the only institution in Kazakhstan.

•    More than 90 thousand samples of agricultural plants are being studied annually; more than 2 thousand crossing combinations are carried out, involving sources and donors from 59 countries of the world in the process of hybridization.

•    Varieties of spring wheat of the Center in the general structure of crops of varieties of Kazakhstan selection occupy 63%. According to Akmola region, the share of varieties of the Center's selection has increased 3 times since 2002 and amounts to 76.5%.

•    The center has a modern research and development base for the assessment of agrochemical indicators of soil quality, as well as a selection and biotechnological greenhouse, which allows obtaining three generations of plants during the year, a modern seed cleaning line for seed processing.

•    The center has longstanding creative collaboration with research institutions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the International Center for the Improvement of Wheat and Corn (CIWC), Mexico, the International Center for Agricultural Research in Arid Regions (ICARAR), Syria, the International Center for Plant Genetic Resources (ICPGR), with the Universities of California and South Dakota, USA, Kyoto University, Japan, Institute of Plant Breeding, University of Sydney, Australia.

•    As a result of the implementation of the Scientific and Technical Programs, the following results were obtained: 52 agrotechnologies and their technological schemes are developed and adapted ; 41 recommendations were issued on the practical application of the results of STP, 40 applications for patenting were filed , 1 database on the management of production processes in crop production was formed; published 450 scientific articles in domestic and foreign cited publications, including non-zero impact factor 11 articles.

•    In recent years, 60 varieties have been created and are undergoing state testing.

•    Crop varieties of breeding Scientific and Production Center of grain farming named after A.I. Barayev, with an area of 0.2 million hectares in 2002, due to its competitive advantages, expanded the distribution area to 4.8 million hectares in 2018. At the same time, the total area of arable land occupied by varieties of domestic breeding is about 6.0 million hectares. That is, the share of the contribution of breeding varieties of the Scientific and Production Center for grain farming in the context of all domestic Research Institutes is 80%.
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