Farmers choose varieties of crops of A.I. Barayev "SPCGF"


One of the work direction is being carried out in the A.I. Barayev "Scientific-Production Center for grain farming is the creation of high-quality and competitive varieties.

Farmers of the Akmola region actively use varieties which were developed by     plant selection breeders. One of these farms is Aktasty LLP (Arshaly district).

"We have 3,5 thousand hectares of wheat from the varieties of Akmola-2 and Astana-2. They are pleased with their quality and productivity,”- said Sergei Godun, the agronomist of farming shared his opinion.

Another partner of Barayev's  SPCGF is LLP "Novokubanskoe" (Shortandinsky district).
"We sow the grains and leguminous crops on 40 thousand hectares of land. In our farm we use Akmola-2, Astana-2, Omsk-36 and Korona, which were created in the Barayev centre. They are very high-quality, we are satisfied with everything, - the chief agronomist of farming, Nadezhda Nosachyva commented on her choice.скачать dle 12.0
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