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Every year, the Grain Farming Center named after A.I. Barayev, in honor of the celebration of Children's Protection Day, provides support to schools of the Damsinsky rural district in holding children's cultural and sports events for school children and kindergarten children. This year, the children of the district were again delighted with a memorable prize and sweet gifts presented to them by the management of the Center on the eve of the children's holiday. Children of the district with disabilities were not left without attention, school principals organized surprise trips with gifts for them at home. As it is done on the eve of New Year holidays, the Center presents sweet gifts to children from low-income and large families according to the information of the rural akimat and cash bonuses to disabled children.

After all, the children of the Center’s employees study in these rural schools of the district, and therefore the social responsibility that the leadership shows with the support of social and educational projects is quite understandable. Since this year, within the framework of scientific and technical research, scientists have started, together with students, undergraduates of the “KATU named after S.Seifullin” NJSC, to involve schoolchildren in scientific clubs, where they see how to determine the quality of soil and crop production, how to carry out breeding crops in nurseries, can, if desired, work during the holidays on field work and much more. In the near future, the Center plans to attract the most enthusiastic and talented schoolchildren to participate in scientific projects and grants, thereby motivating them in parallel, with the confidence that everything together can arouse their genuine interest in science and agricultural professions. This is where the foundations of career guidance for schoolchildren are based, this work together with the school principals of the district and the entire Shortandinsky district should be consistently conducted. Schoolchildren of the district constantly visit the museum of the Center, which reflects its entire history for more than half a century, they show keen interest in it. It is also noteworthy that last year, high school students of the district schools took part in an action to plant fir trees, the purpose of which was to jointly green the scientific settlement, and this work will continue.

The social orientation of the Center’s management has received active support in the team, since these good intentions justify themselves. In the future, the Management Board of LLP intends to expand the types of social support to its employees, in addition to free vouchers to sanatorium-resort hospitals of the republic, providing various types of financial assistance, but also additionally include in the social package the provision of preferential vouchers to recreation camps for employees’ children, the purchase of tickets for children’s entertainment events and support for talented children and other moments. Therefore, there is great confidence that today the young Damsins, feeling the care and attention from the leadership of the Center, will strengthen its scientific and production potential tomorrow in the near future.

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