Social project “Domestic fowl: from the yard to the table”


Social project “Domestic fowl: from the yard to the table”

From April 25, in the Damsinsky rural district of the Shortandy district, within the social program of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin “Business development in private subsidiary farming (PSF)”, the implementation of a new project “Domestic fowl: from the yard to the table” will begin, in which everyone will be able to take part.
The goal of this initiative is to introduce the successful experience of interaction between rural and urban residents in the cultivation of domestic fowl and the sale of environmentally friendly domestic fowl meat.
The chairman of the “Local Trade Union of KATU named after S. Seifullin” NGO Aitkhozhin S. K. in February 2021, at the general meeting of the labor collective of the SPC GF named after A. I. Barayev, presented this project, which interested everyone, since it has already been tested in one of the districts of the Karaganda region and positive results were obtained.
Currently, the brooders for birds (a modernized cage for keeping birds at the initial stage) in the required quantity have been delivered to the “SPC GF named after A. I. Barayev” LLP, and next week the selection of participants for the project will begin.
Under the terms of the contract, the project participant receives 200 heads of broiler birds for cultivation by co-financing at the expense of urban residents, for its part, the other party provides it with a brooder and appropriate fortified food at the initial stage, as well as competent specialists will conduct scientific support of the project, that is, provide practical assistance. After 2 months, 40 percent is left to the participant, taking into account the case of poultry, 60 percent of the products are sold to the university staff in the form of social support.
The new social project should find support among the residents of the Damsinsky rural district with the interested approach of the parties in the person of the Local KATU Trade Union, the local Akimat. The project is aimed at solving employment issues in a particular district.
Additional information about the events and notification of participants will be published on the official website and also on the pages of the Damsinsky rural district in social networks.

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