Member of Mazhilis, the deputy Nurlan Alimzhanov visited SPCGF


“Barayev Scientific-production center for grain Farming” LLP was visited by Nurlan Alimzhanov, deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Gaidar Kassenov, akim of the Shortandy region, Ahmedia Kozhamseitov, first deputy of the Nur Otan party district branch, and Gulnara Abdrakhmanova, akim of the Damsa rural district.

During the event, the general director of the SPCGF Kenzhe Abdullayev acquainted the guests with the main activities and the scientific and practical results of the Center. After that, the guests met with the staff of the Center and the local residents.

During the meeting, Nurlan Alimzhanov spoke about legislative work in the Mazhilis, about ongoing state programs aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens. The deputy noted that such meetings help deputies to better know the daily concerns of voters, as well as contribute to solving problematic issues.
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