Registration of visitors is open at Jańa Dala/Green Day 2022

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On the official website: free online registration of visitors to the demonstrations of the Kazakhstan Field Day Jańa Dala/Green Day 2022 is open.

This year, the Field Day Jańa Dala/Green Day will traditionally be held on July 13-14 at the demonstration fields of “Enbek” LLP in the Akkol district of Akmola region, 90 km from Nur-Sultan.

In addition, this year Jaña Dala/Green Day will be held for the first time in Kostanay region, on the demonstration fields of “Kazakh Tulpary” LLP in Zarechny settlement, Kostanay region (1 km from Kostanay). Field Day guests will be received here on July 28 and 29.

According to the organizers of the Field Days, electronic registration on the website will take no more than 5 minutes. The registered ticket together with the Location map will be sent to the email address specified in the registration form. A registered ticket can be printed out or an image can be saved in a mobile phone, or after filling out the IIN, an identity card can be used as a ticket. By presenting a ticket, the visitor will be able to get a badge, bypassing the queues at the check-in counters. The e-ticket is valid for two days of the Field Day.

Jańa Dala/Green Day 2022 is held for the third time.

“The event has become the most important platform for presentations of new equipment and technologies for sowing, harvesting and processing in agricultural products. As part of the business program of the exhibition-demonstration, the most important issues of the industry are discussed and resolved. Farmers, representatives of industry associations, experts, representatives of leading suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies, etc. participate in the discussions. The format of Jańa Dala/Green Day 2022 provides exhibitors with high efficiency of presentation of their products,” the organizers said.

At the prepared demonstration sites, farmers can see new farming machinery in work, as well as the best varieties of crops.

40 days before the opening, more than 90% of the demonstration areas have already been booked for Jańa Dala/Green Day 2022. Companies such as BIZON GROUP, Agro Dynamics, AGRO FACT, AgroSvit, Agrostream, Alem Agro Holding, Navistar Asia, Shans Trade Ltd.KZ , AGROSNAB-1, Mining and Agricultural Machinery LLP, Dostyk-Agro 2012, Munai Trade Service Nord, ST Agro, TD DIKAN, TD KAMZ AGRO, TD Polymya, Ukragrotehexport, AGRO TAWA, LIET, WE AGRO GROUP, KAMAZ Auto Center, Kurgansemen Agrocomplex, EuroChem-Karatau, Sibagrocenter, Ekonivasemen and dozens of other manufacturers and suppliers will take part in the exhibition.

A wide selection of agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, equipment for storage and processing of agricultural products, irrigation and irrigation is waiting for farmers at Jańa Dala / Green Day 2022. Visitors will be able to evaluate all the offers of the agricultural market and choose the right one for the successful development of their production.

The general sponsors of the Field Days are PC KAZROST ENGINEERING LTD and Rostselmash Service Center LLP. The technology sponsor is Amazon LLP. The sponsor of the sowing company was August-Kazakhstan LLP. The sponsor of eco-friendly branded packages is Shchelkovo Agrohim – KZ LLP. The co–organizer is the Karabalyk Agricultural Experimental Station.

The organizers recommend visiting both days of the exhibition, as a rich program is planned.

For all questions about the Field Day, you can contact the following contacts:

+7 701 588 5497, +7 705 779 0035, e-mail:

+7 776 916 4499, +7 701 516 4102, e-mail:

+7 778 562 6736, e-mail:

+7 701 235 2999, e-mail:

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