The harvesting of lentils of the “Shyraily” was completed

In the group of selection of legumes crops, the harvesting of lentils of the “Shyraily” variety was completed.
Variety selection of Scientific-production center for grain farming named after A.I. Barayev, mid-ripening type of ripening. “Shyraily” are more resistant to lodging, having a stalk of an erect shape (plant height 35-49 cm) with a high attachment of the lower bean on the plant -19-25 cm. The average yield over the years of the test was 9.6 c / ha. Plate seeds, large (6.0-7.5 mm), flat. The mass of 1000 seeds is 73-77 g. The protein content is 26.0-29.2%. Under favorable conditions, the protein content is very high 31.5%. Digestibility and taste are good. The variety is approved for use in 2016 in the Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions.
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