SPCGF in cooperation with Valmont organized an international scientific-practical seminar

On October 15, a two-day international scientific and practical seminar “MY FIRST PIVOT: INTRODUCTION TO MECHANIZED IRRIGATED AGRICULTURE” was launched at the Scientific-production Center for grain farming named after A.I.Barayev. The seminar was organized by the American company "Valmont" and A.I. Barayev SPCGF.
The purpose of the seminar is to demonstrate the capabilities of mechanized irrigated agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan aimed at increasing productivity and environmental friendliness of production, reducing the use of plant protection products, increasing the efficiency of fertilizers, as well as promising new types of crops.
The seminar was attended by domestic and foreign agricultural companies, representatives of akimats and agricultural departments of Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Karaganda, West Kazakhstan regions, the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan and farmers of Northern Kazakhstan.
General Director of SPCG, academician Kenzhe Abdullaev welcomed all participants of the international seminar and noted its importance: “It is very symbolic that the seminar of Valmont, the world leader in irrigation, takes place in SPCGF, as our Center is the leading scientific organization for grain crops in agricultural science of Kazakhstan. Scientists of the Center, jointly with Valmont, are working on the creation of an “irrigated landfill,” which is aimed at demonstrating new innovative agricultural technologies for cultivating crops and irrigation systems, as well as monitoring and control technologies based on the SPCGF. I wish all participants to receive knowledge about irrigation that will be useful for your farms and put them into practice for the benefit of Kazakhstan’s agriculture”.
Kenzhe Abdullaev also spoke about the scientific and practical possibilities of the SPCGF, sharing his scientific experience and irrigation methods used in Kazakhstan and the USA.
Scott Mauthes, Global Director of Application and International Services Support of the transnational company Valmont, delivered a welcoming speech, noting: “We are pleased to share our knowledge and world best practices in the irrigation system and hope that our knowledge will help you find new solutions for agricultural irrigation crops and increase crop yields. Today we are holding the first seminar, and in the future, Valmont specialists will provide a series of such seminars for Kazakhstan farmers”.
Sergey Stefanov, Valley Regional Sales Director for Eurasia region, made a presentation on irrigation terms and units and Valley control panels.
During the seminar, Nikolay Ryabov, Valley Territorial Sales Manager, presented an overview and structure of the irrigation solution components of the American company.
During the discussion of the issues of optimal irrigation methods for the regions of Kazakhstan, scientists from SPCGF shared their scientific and practical experience.скачать dle 12.0
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