Conference of young scientists “AGRICULTURE AND BREEDING: PRESENT AND FUTURE” dedicated to the Day of Workers of Kazakhstan science

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We invite you to take part in the International scientific and practical conference of young scientists “AGRICULTURE AND BREEDING: PRESENT AND FUTURE” dedicated to the Day of Workers of Kazakhstan science.

The following main issues are expected to be considered at the conference:

- intensive farming is the basis of rational use of land resources, conservation and restoration of soil fertility;

- diversification of crop production is the basis for sustainable and cost-effective production of agricultural products;

- organic farming – new opportunities for the production of high-quality agricultural products;

- precision farming - the way to innovative agriculture;

- gene pool and breeding of agricultural plants for resistance to stress - the basis of sustainable development of agriculture.

The conference will be held on April 8, 2022 at the “Scientific and Production Center of Grain Farming named after A.I. Barayev” LLP. The conference format is offline and online (zoom).

Young scientists, young specialists of commercial and non-commercial enterprises, farmers, teachers, undergraduates, doctoral students of scientific and educational institutions, university students are invited to participate in the Conference.

By the beginning of the conference, it is planned to publish an electronic conference proceedings, articles, and messages. The conference materials will be published free of charge. Working languages of the conferenceare Kazakh, English and Russian.

The main directions of the conference:

  1. Agriculture and plant growing
  2. Breeding and plant seed growing
  3. Plant protection
  4. Feed production
  5. Economic problems of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan
  6. Ecology and rational use of natural resources

7) Biology and biotechnology

Materials for publication and applications for participation (according to appendices 1,2) must be submitted to the email address: nauka-baraeva@mail.ruup to April 01, 2022.

Requirements for the acceptance and registration of articles:

• articles that have not been published before are accepted for publication; no more than one article from one author; a research adviser can be published in co-authorship in no more than two articles by students, undergraduates or doctoral students.

• the length of the article, including the list of references, should be no more than 7 (full) A4 pages (portrait orientation), TimesNewRoman font (14pt), single spacing, margins: top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm, left - 2 cm, right - 2 cm, with line-width alignment and mandatory installation of automatic transfer;

• on the first line in the center - the title of the article, the report in capital letters in bold, in one interval, in the middle - the initials and surname of the author (in bold), in one interval - the city and the name of the organization or educational institution. The main text begins after 2 intervals with a red line;

• the list of references is placed at the end of the text and compiled in the order of mentioning the sources, references in the text are made in square brackets.

In order to ensure the quality of published materials and copyright compliance, all incoming articles are checked for plagiarism. The collection of conference materials will be typed by direct copying. In this regard, we draw your attention to the need to submit scientific articles in edited form, in compliance with all the above mentioned requirements.

Address and contact phone numbers of the organizing committee:

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 021601, Akmola region, Shortandy district, Nauchnyi settlement, SPC GF named after A.I. Barayeva:phone numbers: +77712827130; +7 (71631) 23032; +7 (71631) 23029;e-mail:

N.A. Serekpayev,

Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee,

Chairman of the Board of Directors

SPCGF named after A.I. Barayev



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