Staff of the Laboratory of Genetic Resources have completed the laying of field experiments of grain and fodder crops

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In the laboratory of genetic resources of grain crops, during the sowing campaign, the laboratory staff laid field experiments on May 25-26 with the SSFC - 7 seeder. The area of plots is 2 m2. Standard varieties: spring wheat – Astana, Akmola 2, Tselinnaya Yubileiaya, Damsinskaya 90, barley – Astana 2000, oats – Duman, Baizat are sown after 10 numbers.

This year, students of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Agronomy of KATU named after S. Seifulin are undergoing practical training in the laboratory, during which they gain new knowledge and practical skills. In particular, Jadaev Jaroslav Altynbekovich, Zhumagulova Akzhan Kairatkyzy, Mukasheva Dinara Zakirovna showed great interest and took direct part in the process of manual sowing of the collection nursery of grain crops.

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