Forage harvesting is in full swing

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Today, the Center is in full swing foraging, which represent a wide range of varieties and types of perennial legumes and grasses. First of all, this is done in order to provide fodder for the livestock of various types of livestock in the personal subsidiary farms of the Center's employees. At present, the SPC GF named after A.I. Barayev is harvesting perennial grasses for hay, and forage crops and herbaceous vegetation of natural hayfields have already been mown on the area and picked up from an area of more than 250 hectares and about 100 tons of hay have been harvested.Specialists and machine operators of the SPC GF named after A.I. Barayev are well aware that hay harvested at the optimal time during the mowing ripeness of grasses is a valuable and nutritious feed for many farm animals. It contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and protein. Mown grasses are dried in rolls, due to which, in favorable weather conditions, it is possible to reduce the loss of the most nutritious parts of plants, which include leaves and inflorescences. Machine operators try to use every hour efficiently, especially since the Center has everything for successful hay harvesting: fuel and tractors repaired in advance and prepared for haymaking and forage harvesting equipment.   According to the management of the Center, the most important thing during the haymaking period is to mow all the planned areas of sown perennial grasses and natural lands intended for haymaking in a timely manner, without leaving a single hectare, rationally using forage harvesting equipment. The staff of the Center is large, both scientists and production workers work here, many of whom have personal farmsteads where cattle, small cattle, horses and poultry are kept. In this regard, first of all, we try to provide our employees with feed at below-market prices, and this includes hay, straw, and waste. This is a kind of social responsibility, we want the employees and employees of the Center to have fewer problems in this regard. In turn, this will affect the productivity and social well-being of our team.

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