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On November 8-10, a meeting of the coordinating council for hearing annual reports for 2022 was held on the basis of the Scientific and Production Center of the Grain Farm named after A.I. Barayev within the framework of two scientific and technical programs: “To develop a system of agriculture for the cultivation of agricultural crops (cereals, legumes, oilseeds and industrial crops) using elements of cultivation technology, differentiated nutrition, plant protection products and equipment for cost-effective production based on a comparative study of various cultivation technologies for the regions of Kazakhstan” and “Development and scientific substantiation of technical and technological parameters for the adaptation of space sensing and precision farming technologies to the actual production tasks of agricultural entities and the formation of a reference database necessary for this”. Which was attended by co-executors of scientific programs: “KazRI of agriculture and plant growing” LLP, “Uralskaya AES” LLP, “South-Western Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Plant growing” LLP, Kostanay branch of “Scientific and Production Center of Agroengineering” LLP, “Cotton and melon growing” LLP, “Aktubinskaya AES” LLP, “Krasnovodopadskaya AES” LLP, “Karabalykskaya AES” LLP, “Zarechnoye”AES LLP, “North Kazakhstan AES” LLP, “Kokshetau experimental production farm” LLP, also, scientists of “SPC GF named after A.I. Barayev” LLP.

Welcoming the participants of the event, the Chairman of the Management Board of “SPC of Grain Farming named after A.I. Barayev” LLP Kanafin B.K. noted that at the current stage of the implementation of the STP, it is necessary to establish a closer connection between science and production, providing scientific support for their research in farms. In recent years, work in this direction has been intensifying in the Center and will continue it. In agricultural science, the issues of the development of intensive and precision farming are now in the field of view of the entire agricultural community, since they are of applied importance and therefore the scope of its application is expanding.

Summarizing the results of the co-executors’ research, the project manager K.K. Kunanbayev focused the attention of the colleagues present on the elimination of existing comments on the annual reports for 2022, in accordance with the requirements for scientific documentation, expressed the wish to work more closely on scientific documentation. The scientific coordinator of the program Akshalov K.A. made a report on the state of agriculture in Kazakhstan, the results of scientific research of STP for 2022 and the tasks of intensive agriculture. He informed all participants in great detail about the results of scientific and production experiments in farms and communication with farmers. The conducted studies were confirmed by photo and video information. Therefore, the transition to the main part of the discussion aroused due interest from the participants in the audience.

During the hearing of the R&D reports for 2022 on the implementation of STP; the heads of scientific projects outlined the novelty of research and the nature of scientific publications and summarized the results of the research in the final part.

The presentation of the scientific coordinator of the project, V.F. Skoblikov, was very interested, who reasonably presented the results of the implementation of the STP on intensive farming. Then the participants summed up the results of the coordination meeting.

The work of the second day of the coordination meeting began with hearing the reports of the performers on the implementation of scientific research. All project managers prepared their presentation materials through the prism of fulfilling the tasks set for the development of soil- and resource-saving farming systems based on the diversification of crop production, improving tillage systems and sowing traditional and new crops, preserving and increasing soil fertility in a market economy and a changing climate. Then, the work program for 2023 was determined; an analytical report on the financing of scientific research for 2023 was prepared.

The final day of the coordination meeting was held in the direction of “SMARTAGRICULTURE”, the scientific supervisor of the NTP Kunanbayev K.K. summed up the results of the NTP for 2022. Then the research reports for 2022 were heard. The results of the NTP on the program activities were summed up by the scientific coordinator of the project Skoblikov V.F. In conclusion, the participants were assigned tasks for the successful completion of the Program, the presentation of scientific recommendations, scientific publications and closer communication with agricultural producers.

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