SPCGF completed snow retention


Experienced farmers remember the wise commandment perfectly: snow in the fields - bread in bins. Its relevance has been confirmed for centuries: the higher the snow cover on grain fields, the richer the harvest.

A few days ago, “Scientific-production center for grain farming named after A. I. Barayev” LLP completed snow retention in fields N11, N34 and N35, in a total area of 720 hectares.

Snow retention is an important measure to accumulate moisture in the soil due to winter precipitation.

The snow rolls were cut using two new “KA-744” tractors and the “SVU-2.6” snow grooves; “SVSH-7” and others. The distance between the snow rolls is from 4 to 7 m.

Snow retention was carried out during mild frosts in calm weather with a depth of snow cover of at least 25-35 cm.
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