Spring Field Work: Each day is critically important


Yesterday, in the main news blocks of the country, President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made a statement to his compatriots.

In particular, in the sixth package of anti-crisis measures, he pays special attention to food security issues, therefore, he notes that it is extremely important to conduct spring field work in a timely manner. To this end, 70 billion tenge will be allocated from the budget and communicated to farmers through Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC, while the rate for final borrowers should not exceed 5%.
The President also instructs to additionally allocate 100 billion tenge for this purposes within the framework of the program “Economics of simple things”, the final rate of which was unified across all industries and amounts to 6 percent.

All these measures of state support primarily concern smallholder farms. In addition, he sets the task of reducing the price of diesel fuel for agricultural producers up to 165 tenge per liter or 15% of the market prices, 390 thousand tons of diesel fuel are allocated for this at a reduced price.

He also drew attention to the fact that cheaper fuel reached the end consumers-farmers and about the need to make the work of the so-called “operators” through which the supply transparent, therefore, he instructed the Government and the General Prosecutor's Office to provide appropriate supervision and control in the regions.

The statement also noted that there are a number of problems that are complicated by the quarantine of registration of collateral in public service centers, notarization, purchase of spare parts, therefore, the spring field work is under special control of the Government and akimats. From the point of view of food security, every day is critically important, he also summarized on this particularly important issue.скачать dle 12.0
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