Important recommendations for farmers


Each year has its own characteristics, so farmers are waiting with special expectation for new recommendations from scientists of the national agricultural research CENTER.A. barayeva on carrying out spring field work in the farms of the Akmola region, where they pay special attention to the issues of crop diversification and the use of various technologies for growing crops, taking into account weather conditions. They show the features of the temperature regime, the distribution of precipitation in the period 2019-2020 agricultural year, recommended varieties of crops, plant nutrition issues, the state of the infectious year for diseases, pests and weeds.

Traditionally, measures have been proposed to protect the soil from erosion, agrotechnical methods of conservation and effective methods of preserving and quality use of soil moisture and precipitation moisture. also, the issues of agricultural techniques for sowing grain, legumes, oilseeds and forage crops have not been left out of sight.

The recommendations are designed for a wide range of agricultural producers and can be found on the website of SPGF.

Information support of the events will be reflected on the information Internet resources of the districts and the region.скачать dle 12.0
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