The future of the village is in our hands


As part of the youth action "The future of the village is in our hands" in the village of Nauchnyi, on the territory of the nursery of the demonstration site of the A.I.Barayev SPCGF, 500 spruce seedlings were planted thanks to the labor enthusiasm of the young employees of the Center and students of three schools in the Damsinsky rural district. This volunteer idea was put forward by the members of the Council of Young Scientists, headed by the chairman Alena Kharitonova, wishing to take an active part in all the targeted activities of the leadership of the Center to improve the appearance of our village, the main percentage of whose inhabitants are science veterans, active workers and young people. Akim of the Damsinsky rural district Abdrakhmanova G.Zh. also provides active support in issues of improvement and not only, showing an interest in ensuring that all the tasks of the leadership of the city-forming enterprise aimed at improving the territory of the village are successfully solved and in the future the range of possibilities of the Center to achieve this goal to expand.
Today, the management of the Center is planning strategic projects for landscaping the territory of the village, this is the creation of the Alley of young scientists, the revival of the arboretum with the involvement of competent specialists in landscape design, planting 1000 pine seedlings, creating their own planting material of various plantings in nurseries, and plans many other popular areas.
In this aspect, being subsidiary of "S. Seifullin KATU" JSC the SPCGF named after A.I.Barayev closely cooperates with the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry named after A.N.Bukeikhan in all these areas within the framework of the state Program on the transition to a "green economy". Therefore, the implementation of the entire set of tasks is aimed primarily at raising the prestige of a near-capital village with a special status and transforming the patriotic and environmental consciousness of its residents, and first of all, young people. The participation of young people in such actions will give a positive burst of their mentality and pride in their native village and will strengthen their active participation in the implementation of the above plans, which in the near future will contribute to grandiose changes.
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