Phytosanitary monitoring of agricultural crops


Researchers of the Plant protection laboratory of the A.I. Barayev SPCGF Davydova V.N., Nelis T.B., Kharitonova A. and undergraduates of S.Seifullin KATU headed by A.K. Tuleyeva carried out phytosanitary monitoring of agricultural crops in production fields for the presence of pests and diseases last week.
According to the results of the monitoring carried out in spring soft wheat, damage to the leaf surface by the striped flea was as follows: Astana 2, Shortandinskaya 2012, Tauelsizdik 20 - up to 5%; Astana - 20-25%; no damage was observed on durum wheat Damsinskaya amber.
On buckwheat crops, damage to the leaf surface by the nodule weevil from 3 to 6% and 1% damage by the wireworm (clicker) were found. No pests were found on the crops of flax and barley.
During the repeated monitoring in the fields of agricultural crops by mowing with an entomological net, it was revealed: on spring wheat Astana, Akmola 2, Shortandinskaya uluchshenaya 95 - pests of striped bread flea, bread bug, leafhopper, thrips, stem flea; on flax - aphids, flax thrips, but the damage to crops did not exceed the economic threshold of harmfulness.
Also in the course of phytosanitary monitoring for diseases earlier in the fields where varieties of spring soft wheat: Shortandinskaya 2012; Astana; Shortandinskaya uluchshenaya 95; Astana 2 - no diseases were detected. On crops of lentil variety Green Land and flax oilseed - no diseases were found during visual inspection.
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