Scientists of A.I.Barayev SPCGF discussed the Address of the President of the country to the people of Kazakhstan


As you know, on September 1, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev delivered an annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan at a joint meeting of both chambers of parliament, where he outlined the priority goals of the country's socio-economic development for the coming period.
Today, at the A.I.Barayev SPCGF held a meeting of the extraordinary academic Council, at which were discussed the main provisions of the Address, which reflect clear directions for further action on the widest range of issues. Scientists were interested in those positions related to the development of the agricultural sector, including agricultural science. They noted with satisfaction that the program document paid special attention to the role and importance of the development of science, especially since many positive aspects echo the outlined changes that are proposed to be introduced into the law "On Science".
The staff of the Center expresses the hope that the implementation of all the outlined strategic tasks will serve the progressive fruitful development of Kazakhstani society and, in general, will lead to the stabilization of the republic's economy.
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