The management and staff of the A.I. Barayev SPCGF congratulated Stepnoye secondary school on the 30th anniversary


The management and staff of the A.I.Barayev Scientific - Production Center for Grain Farming congratulated Stepnoye Secondary School on the occasion of the 30th anniversary. 
“Dear Balsheker Kalabayevna, it is very symbolic that your secondary school, being the same age as the country's independence, has achieved great labor achievements in the upbringing and education of the younger generation. Today, thanks to the enormous creative potential and innovative approaches of the teaching staff, your school is rightfully recognized as one of the best educational organizations not only in the Shortandy region, but also in the Akmola region. For such a long period of time, 10 successful graduates became owners of the Altyn belgi badge, many students became prize-winners of international, republican, regional educational competitions and joined the ranks of the young intellectual elite of our independent Kazakhstan," – noted head of A.Barayev SPCGF Nurlan Serekpaev.
It is gratifying to note that many graduates of this school associate their labor activity with the Center, choosing the path to agrarian science. Therefore, our further fruitful cooperation should serve as good initiatives to attract rural youth to agricultural professions for the benefit of the prosperity of our rural areas.
Nurlan Serekpayev, on behalf of the SPCGF staff and on his own behalf, wished the team personal and professional success in the implementation of interesting and ambitious tasks, health, optimism and excellent mood. “Let new horizons of opportunities be opened for you, the plans are fulfilled, and the programs important for the education and upbringing of the younger generation are being successfully implemented!” - said the Chairman of the Board of the A.Barayev SPCGF.
The secondary school of the village of Stepnoye in 1991 was put into operation a new three-story eleven-year school, which became known as the Stepnoye Secondary School. The school was built at the expense of the Experimental Farm's own funds. The first director of the school was Renner Lev Alexandrovich. At the moment, the director of the secondary school in the village of Stepnoye is Tynysbekova Balsheker Kalabaevna. Today the school employs 55 workers, 43 of them are teachers. The school is staffed, there are 13 teachers-researchers, teachers-experts -7, teachers-moderators -7, the highest category -1, the second category - 4.
During the years of independence, the Stepnoye secondary school has undergone significant changes. School has 314 graduates and has achieved good results. Graduated 10 students with the sign School students are prize winners of republican, regional and district competitions and scientific works. Since 2014, the Steppe School has taken 1st and 2nd places in the district. In 2015 she entered the top twenty best schools in the region. This year she took 1st place in the nomination "The best educational organization of the district".
Pupils of the school attending the section "Cycling" and "Kazakh kuresi" are international and republican prize-winners.
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