A holiday that’s always with us

Every year in our republic the third Sunday of November is celebrated the professional holiday of agricultural workers. After all, the work of rural workers starts from dawn to dawn, without days off and vacations, whether they are scientists, agronomists, research workers, laboratory technicians, mechanizers, drivers or workers of other departments.
Thanks to scientific developments, introduction of perspective elite varieties of agricultural crops and innovative agrotechnical methods, scientific support of production experiments in the farms of the regions of Northern Kazakhstan, annual recommendations of scientists on carrying out spring and fall field work, our agricultural producers get decent yields.
Rich more than half a century history of our well-known in the world scientific community Grain Farming Center has a direct relation to the main holiday of all agrarians.

At the official event Chairman of the Board Savin Timur Vladimirovich warmly congratulating everyone on the professional holiday, noted that the current agricultural year was held in difficult weather and climatic conditions, but despite all this, the team coped with their tasks. Then he presented letters of thanks and memorable gifts to all those who distinguished themselves in their work throughout the agricultural year, including Slepkova Natalia Nikolaevna, senior researcher of the laboratory of cereals and grain-forage crops breeding, Kobernitskaya Tatiana Mikhailovna, senior researcher of the laboratory of perennial leguminous grasses breeding, From Tatiana Anatolievna, laboratory assistant of the laboratory of plant immunity to diseases, Cherevatenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna, laboratory assistant of the laboratory of breeding of perennial cereal grasses, Sayanov Aidos Tugelbergenuly, head of the group of primary seed production of spring wheat, Kulikova Galina Aleksandrovna, laboratory assistant of the laboratory of breeding of grain legumes and oilseeds, Zhanzakov Bakhtiyar Zhetpispaevich, leading researcher of precision farming laboratory, Gladkikh Lyubov Mikhailovna, senior laboratory assistant of biological farming laboratory, Kradetskaya Oksana Olegovna, researcher of biochemistry and technological assessment of crop quality laboratory, Reichert Tatiana Anatolievna, laboratory assistant of soil-agrochemical research laboratory, Abildin Aralbai Akhmetkalievich, driver of the garage, Bondarenko Elena Vladimirovna, senior laboratory assistant of the Department of crop production and seed production, Bryukhov Alexander Romanovich, specialist in electrical equipment, Vyrypaev Sergey Evgenyevich, mechanizer, Vorotilo Tatiana Vladimirovna, technician -accounting specialist, Gavin Artur Anatolievich, driver of garage, Doroshkevich Sergey Petrovich, mechanic, Logachev Valery Evgenyevich, mechanizer, Madyshev Orazbay Kabdulovich, driver Makhotkin Victor Alexandrovich, locksmith, Postnikov Victor Anatolievich, worker of grain flow, Putintseva Nadezhda Olegovna - head of grain warehouse, Rymbai Berikbol, mechanizer, Tsukan Nikolay Gavrilovich - driver of category D, Bavin Alexander Alexandrovich - mechanizer, Skorodumov Sergey Nikolaevich - driver of motor garage, Nikolaev Alexander Alekseevich - senior operator of seed cleaning line.

The climax of the event was the announcement of the results of the contest on the results of fall field work in 2023, announced at the end of August. The presenters announced the names of the winners in the nominations “Best Mechanizer”, “Best Driver of the Auto Garage, “Best Grain Flow Worker”.
In the nomination “Best mechanic” on the results of the harvesting campaign in 2023, an honorary cash certificate for the amount of 200 thousand tenge was awarded to Morozov Yuri Ivanovich, for the 2nd place an honorary cash certificate for the amount of 150 thousand tenge - Fitz Alexander Erikhovich, Tleushev Artur Tuzemovich was awarded an honorary cash certificate in the amount of 100 thousand tenge for the 3rd place.
In the nomination “The best driver of the garage” on the results of production work in 2023 for the 1st place of honorary cash certificate for the amount of 150 thousand tenge got Terekhin Sergey Anatolievich, for the 2nd place of honorary cash certificate for the amount of 125 thousand tenge received Botsan Oleg Nikolaevich. For the 3rd place an honorary cash certificate in the amount of 100 thousand tenge was awarded to Okimet Erkinbek.
Mustakimov Ilyas Zikenovich earned an honorary cash certificate worth 150 thousand tenge for the 1st place in the nomination “The best worker of grain flow”. 2 and 3 place in this nomination honorary money certificates in the amount of 150 and 125 thousand tenge were awarded to Rozhkov Yuri Viktorovich and Sobolev Sergey Yurievich. In addition, by the decision of the working committee out of competition money certificate for a long and fruitful work in the amount of 100,000 tenge was rewarded Kharitonov Yuri Ivanovich, welder of LLP.
With their conscientious daily work, careful attitude to the equipment and diligence, all the employees awarded with letters of encouragement and certificates increase the achievements of our Center and thus deserve deserved attention and honor. The Center is rightly proud of them.

The good mood of those present in the hall was further enhanced by the workers of the Shortandy District House of Culture, who gave the participants of the event a festive mood and positive spirit. Each performance of talented performers was accompanied by long warm applause.
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