A meeting on summarizing the results for 2018 was held at the NASEC

On the basis of the National Agrarian Research and Education Center, a meeting was held on summarizing production results for 2018 and developing a work plan for the coming year. Leaders of subsidiary organizations were invited.

The event was attended by the Acting General Director of A.I. Barayev “SPCGF” Kenzhe Abdullaev,

The meeting addressed the issues of the 2018 yield in the context of crops, the volume of gross yield, the balance of grain and the sale of the resulting products.

Representatives of the Ministry Agriculture of  the Republic of Kazakhstan presented the rules for subsidizing the development of seed production in 2019.

In order to introduce a system of mass education for rural entrepreneurs in advanced technologies of agribusiness, the principles of the work of regional research and production research centres, in the form of knowledge centres, agroexperiemntal areas, agroparks and agro centers, was explained.

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