Certification of employees in SPCGF

In the Scientific and Production Center of grain farming named after A.I. Barayev passed the certification of scientists. Certification passed the heads of departments, heads of laboratories and other employees of the center.

The purpose of certification is to check the real level of professional training that meets all the challenges of the time, which will help build working relations between Kazakhstani science, industry and farmers. For those who have successfully passed, the conditions for further development will be created like: studying abroad, advanced training courses, the purchase of modern technology for full-fledged research activities, and participation in various seminars and forums.

The decision on each certified person was made personally following the results of the interview. During the interview, knowledge of standards for professional aptitude, psychological stability and logical thinking were analyzed and also operational activities were taken into account.

At the end of the interview, all the staff members were deemed relevant for their positions.
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