In the historical museum repairs and restoration work

Museum of SPCGF named after A.I. Barayev was founded in 1979 and is called now "Obschestvenyi" (Public).In the historical museum of the Scientific-production center of grain farming named after A.I. Barayev, repairs and restoration work of museum exhibits, relics and historical monuments are underway.
Museum of SPCGF named after A.I. Barayev was founded in 1979 and is called now "Obschestvenyi" (Public). The museum keeps more than 260 rare exhibits of historical significance. "Obschestvenyi" gallery preserved the exclusive things and works of academicians Kuzmin V.P., Barayev A.I. and Zaitseva A.A., there is an archive of their scientific works, a cabinet of the library of Kuzmin V.P. and photo archive.
The exhibition hall of the SPCGF was created with the aim of providing information on the scientific and practical activities and achievements of the institute, the history of its establishment and formation. The museum has information on the life and scientific achievements of leading scientists in the industry and memorable dates. Also the museum has stored information on the visit of prominent government and political figures, foreign delegations.
At present, all conditions have been created for conducting highly professional organization of the museum service. The exhibition hall was moved to a more suitable and spacious room for its operation. The hall is equipped with modern equipment; artificial light and special glass have been provided to protect the exhibits.скачать dle 12.0
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