We discussed the issues of organized and high-quality spring sowing

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Today in Kokshetau, the regional center of the Akmola region, an agrarian meeting was held under the auspices of the Akimat of the Akmola region on the issues of readiness and tasks for organized and high-quality spring sowing with the participation of akims of various levels and agricultural producers of the region and neighboring North Kazakhstan region. Prior to its start, the regional specialized exhibition “Agrokokshetau 2022” was organized. SPCGF named after A.I. Barayeva presented his exposition at it, promising varieties of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, cereal crops and perennial cereals and legumes of the SPC GF breeding were presented to visitors of the exhibition. Farmers of the region have shown serious interest in the selection of drought-resistant varieties of grain crops adapted to the conditions of farms, presented by the Center's breeders, how well they meet the high requirements of farmers, and how high the demand for them is. During the exhibition, applications were submitted for the purchase of seeds, preliminary agreements were concluded on consulting support and the introduction of innovative technologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops. A hardware and software unit and equipment for agricultural technologies with elements of precision farming were also presented at the exhibition. Researcher Zhanzakov Bakhtiyar willingly shared with the visitors of the exhibition practical experience of application and information materials in the field of precision farming.

At the regional agricultural meeting, along with representatives of state and other interested industry structures, scientists and production workers kept the floor. The participants of the meeting were genuinely interested in the recommendations of scientists, which were outlined in his report by Serekpayev Nurlan Amangeldinovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “SPCGF named after A.I.Barayev”, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences on the peculiarities of spring field work in the farms of the Akmola region in 2022, taking into account the prevailing weather conditions, organized and resource provision, and also summarized the zonal features of crop cultivation: resource-saving tillage techniques, effective use of chemicals, recommended types of crops, crop rotation schemes, the ratio of varieties of different types of maturation in the structure of acreage, features of the use of digital technologies, preparation of seed material for sowing, the main elements of agricultural techniques of sowing. The full text of the recommendation is published on the official website of the Center - baraev.kz and are in great demand among Akmola farmers.

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