To save crops from clogging


This year, there is a large contamination of crops of all crops with various malicious weeds. In industrial conditions on large areas, weed control is carried out using various sprayers and by mechanical cutting of plants in fallow areas.

In conditions of small-plot experiments and manual sowing of hybrids on plots with an area of 0.25-1.5-2.5 m2, weed control has to be done manually, which is a very long and laborious process. Hybrid grains are usually very small, have a low mass of 1000 grains and punctured seeds.

In such experiments, the use of herbicides and pesticides is limited. According to meteorological observations, only 1.0 mm of precipitation fell in May. For more than two weeks, dry, hot weather has been established with daytime temperatures above + 30 degrees.

In conditions of severe soil and atmospheric drought, cultivated plants are in an oppressed state, grow weakly, suffer severe damage from various pests and compete poorly with weeds. The main task of employees and laboratory assistants of field laboratories at the moment is to preserve the crops of various crops from the effects of adverse conditions.скачать dle 12.0
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