In Kazakhstan, 85.6% of the grain area was harvested, 16.4 million tons of grain were threshed


In Kazakhstan, as of the morning of September 1, 13 million 523.9 thousand hectares of grain and leguminous crops were harvested, or 85.6%. 16 million 409.6 thousand tons of grain were threshed. The average yield was 12.1 C / ha. This is reported by the state inspection Committee in the agro-industrial complex.

Over the past day, farmers have threshed 495.6 thousand tons of grain.

Farmers of the Akmola region have currently threshed 4178 thousand tons with a yield of 10.8 C / ha. In the region, 3868.6 thousand hectares, or 87%, were removed.

In the North Kazakhstan region, 3950.4 thousand tons of grain were harvested, the yield is 14.8 C / ha. 2669.2 thousand hectares, or 89.3%, were removed.

In the Kostanay region, 3547.5 thousand tons of grain were threshed, with a yield of 10 C/ha. To date, 3547.5 thousand hectares, or 87.6%, have been removed in the region.

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