At the exhibition "Kazakhstan Field Day" Zhana Dala "/" Green Day "- 2021" SPCGF presented breads from the best varieties of wheat


During the second day of the exhibition "Kazakhstan Field Day" Zhana Dala "/" Green Day "- 2021" experts of the A.I. Barayev SPCGFdemonstrated the visitors at the stand the promising varieties of grain crops of the Center. Special attention of the exhibitionparticipants was attracted by bakery products, products of the Center's own baked goods from flour of grain crops, the authors of which are the scientists of the SPC of grain farming.
SPCGF scientists presented at the exhibition breads of test laboratory baking from the best varieties of wheat: Shortandinskaya 95 improved, Asyl Sapa, Astana, Akmola 2. Baking is carried out in the laboratory of biochemistry and technological assessment of the quality of agricultural crops with strictly regulated standards, taking into account the water absorption capacity of flour, which allows you to get an environmentally friendly product.
A researcher at the laboratory, Oksana Kradetskaya, said that “one of the most important characteristics of the quality of soft wheat grain is the quantity and quality of gluten. This indicator reflects the state of the protein-protein complex of flour and allows predicting the receipt of bread of a certain quality. The varieties of the soft wheat breeding of "A.I.Barayev SPCGF" LLP are distinguished by high technological advantages that affect the baking quality."
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