Continuity of generations is a sign of respect for traditions


This year is special, we celebrate an important event for us - the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Barayev Scientific - Production Center for Grain Farming, known in the world scientific community, which has become a landmark place for many remarkable scientists, scientists, not only republics, but also neighboring countries, glorious heroes of virgin lands and workers of the region.
More than half a century anniversary contained a virgin epic, peaceful creative work with major scientific discoveries in agriculture and plant growing, which attracted the attention of agricultural scientists from many countries and the years of formation and development of agricultural science in the modern history of the republic.
The successes of our Center are undoubtedly the merit of all who made a worthy contribution to the prosperity of this huge creative and scientific-industrial niche, because the main wealth of which were and are people, and especially representatives of the older generation. In a large friendly team, they are treasured and appreciated. After all, they personify a living connection between times and generations. Their knowledge, wisdom and rich experience are especially important in modern conditions, when, along with the innovative acumen of young scientists and specialists, the life wisdom and professional experience of the elders are often required.
Therefore, on the eve of the celebration in the country of the Day of Honoring the Elderly at the A.Barayev SPCGF, at an official event dedicated to honoring representatives of the older generation, Chairman of the Board Nurlan Serekpayev with special warmth expressed his sincere gratitude and gratitude for many years of well-known work and a worthy contribution to the agricultural science of Kazakhstan, including in the formation and development of our Center. Noting the merits of all those present, he handed everyone a letter of thanks as a sign of great respect. This significant event was attended by our foreign partners from Germany, Georg Gugenberg, Director of the Institute of Soil Science of the Leibniz and Shibustov University of Hanover, Olga, a leading researcher of this institute and also representatives of the author group "Daly" Danil Konischev and Trishchechkina Lidia. The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere over a generous dastarkhan, a naturally pleasant exchange of views, coupled with poetic lines performed by the famous poetess L. Trishechkina, caused a huge emotional response. After all, what can be more important than the continuity of generations, signifying respect for traditions, and in science, as nowhere else, it is revered.
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