Autumn laying of experiments on leguminous crops in a greenhouse complex

Employees of the breeding laboratory of legumes and oilseeds carried out the autumn laying of experiments on legumes in the conditions of the greenhouse complex.
Sowing of leguminous crops (Pisum sativum, Lens culinaris, Siseg arietinum) in a greenhouse solves one of the main objectives of breeding, namely, the creation of a new genetically different in economically valuable traits with high biochemical indicators, resistant to stress factors of the source material by hybridization and selection methods, followed by the involvement of the resulting hybrids in the scheme of the breeding process.
Leguminous crops are popular all over the world, and there are several reasons for this. They are good precursors due to their biological characteristics; this type of plant enriches the soil with nitrogen, and, secondly, representatives of this family produce the largest amount of protein per unit area, compared with other crops. Protein, which is obtained from legumes, is one of the cheapest and easily digestible.
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