Perennial grasses are being sown


  Under the planned course in the agricultural sector of the republic for the diversification of crop production in Akmola region, the acreage for fodder grasses has been significantly increased. This year, our Center also planned the sowing of perennial grasses in Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions of such crops as awnless brome, blue wheatgrass, Psathyrostachys juncea, sweet clover, sainfoin and alfalfa on an area of about 200 hectares.

  At the Center, the scientific staff of the department of perennial grasses breeding is purposefully conducting breeding work on the above-mentioned crops and also creating new promising varieties. This year, it is planned to transfer 2 varieties to the SVT, which are also being sown in the designated acreage this season. In addition, seed material is being sown.

  In the pictures, the scientific staff of the department Kobernitskaya T.M. and Mustafina N.M. are sowing promising numbers in a competitive variety test on the seeders of SSFC 7.

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