The scientists of the SPC GF named after A.I. Barayev conducted the laying of a demonstration plot of varieties of perennial cereals and legumes of the Center's breeding in the fields of the Pavlodar region

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Scientists of “Scientific and Production Center of Grain Farming named after A.I. Barayev” LLP of the Department of Perennial Herbs Breeding: Head of the Department, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences - Philippova N.I., Head of the Department. laboratory of breeding of perennial legumes – Parsayev E.I., senior researcher of the group of primary seed production - Ostrovsky V.A., laboratory assistant of the laboratory of breeding of perennial legumes – Ostrovsky P. A. made the laying of a demonstration plot of 13 varieties of perennial cereals and legumes of the Breeding Center in “Galitskoe” LLP of the Pavlodar region on an area of more than 100 hectares was carried out according to the concluded agreement between the organizations.

For agroecological conditions of “Galitskoe” LLP, scientific staff selected crops and varieties of perennial herbs: 3 varieties of wheat grass (Shortandinsky platyphyllous variety, Burabay variety, Tan Batyr variety), 2 varieties of awnless brome (Akmolinsky 91 variety, Fermersky variety), 2 varieties of bluegrass (Kyzyl zhar variety, Breeze variety), 4 varieties of yellow sweet clover (Sarbas variety, Altynbas variety) and Volga sweet clover (Akbas variety, Bars variety), sainfoin (Shortandinsky rubin, Flamingo variety). Consultations were given to the chief agronomist of the farm, Nikolai Alexandrovich Borodavkin, on the cultivation of perennial grasses and legumes for seeds; on pre-sowing tillage; on the installation of a seeder for different crops at the rate and depth of seeding, the width of row spacing for sowing for seed purposes of wheat grass, awnless brome, bluegrass, sweet clover, alfalfa, sainfoin; on the care of crops in the first year of plant life of perennial herbs.

The work on scientific support of the farm cultivation of varieties of perennial cereals and legumes of the breeding of the Center of grain farming seeds in the agricultural sector of one of the regions of the Central region will be continued in 2022-2023. Science and agricultural organizations face a specific task to expand the species and varietal assortment of perennial crops for the preparation of full-fledged feed.

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