New wheat varieties created by scientists of the A.I. Barayev SPCGF pleased with high quality

Young scientists of the A.I. Barayev Scientific-production center for grain farming under the leadership of the head of the durum wheat laboratory Ruslan Zhylkybaev conducted an environmental varietal test of soft wheat varieties "Shortandinskaya 2012", "Tauelsizdik 20" and durum wheat varieties "Damsinskaya Yantarnaya", "Korona", as well as the promising line "Line 250-06-14 "and" 69-08-2. " Ecological variety testing took place on the fields of “Nurai-N” LLP in Karynsaldy village of Amangeldy area, Kostanai region.
According to the results of variety testing were noted high quality of wheat, gluten content of 34 and 30.
Wheat productivity was: “Shortandinskaya 2012” - 12 с / ha, gluten quality 34, “Tauelsizdik 20” - 11 c / ha, gluten quality 30, “Damsinskaya Amber” - 12 c / ha, “Crown” - 12 c / ha, promising lines "Line 250-06-14" -15 c / ha, "69-08-2" - 14 c / ha.
All varieties were created by scientists from the Department of agricultural crop breeding of the SPCGF under the leadership of the head of the department, candidate of agricultural sciences Babkenov A.T.скачать dle 12.0
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