Action Plan

Anti-corruption Action Plan for 2021
“Scientific and Production Center of Grain Farming named after A.I. Barayev” LLP 
No.Name of action itemsDesired outcomeAction byDeadline
1Anti-Corruption Action Plan development for 2021PlanHR departmentJanuary, 2021
2Anti-Corruption Action Plan for 2021allocation on the Internet resources of the LLPinformationPress serviceJanuary, 2021
3Holding a general meeting with the employees of the Partnership to prevent corruption violationsReport chairman of board of directors together with the HR Department February-March, 2021
4Conducting an audit on the facts of receivables occurrence, to determine the causes of the debt and late repayment, as well as the persons responsible for thisinformationChief Accountant together with a lawyerquarterly 
5Publication of anti-corruption articlesinformationPress serviceDuring the year
6Implementation of control when applying for a job, which provides for the performance of managerial functions in the job description and financial responsibility for the provision by candidates applying for such a position, the requirement of certificates of absence of a corruption offense (criminal history).Сertificate of clean criminal recordHR departmentregularly
7Immediately inform the first manager in writing about the conflict of interests that has arisen or any types of prerequisites for committing corruption offensesinformationstaffAs it occurs
8Organization of personal reception of employees by the Chairman of the Management BoardinformationChairman of board of directorsDuring the year
9Ensuring timely publication of the annual public procurement plan on the public procurement web-portal.Public Procurement PlanPublic Procurement Departmentregularly
10Services and inventory items procurement should be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on public procurement, ensuring the legality and transparency of tenders.Contract via the Public procurement PortalPublic Procurement Departmentregularly
11In cases of violations detection by employees that create prerequisites for corruption offenses, conduct internal investigations and consider materials at meetings of disciplinary commissions. ReportDisciplinary commissionsAs it occurs
12Timely submit reports on anti-corruption work in the “KATU named after S. Seifullin” NJSCReportHR departmentquarterly
13Increasing responsibility in the field of accounting and reportingEvaluationCollegiate authorityQuarterly monitoring
14Ensuring transparency in the implementation of paid services by employees of all structural divisions of the Partnership to prevent conditions and prerequisites for the occurrence of risks of corruption offensesReferenceDeputy of the Chairman of board of directors on production Regularly

Professional development of employees (1 person) at special anti-corruption coursesCertificateHR departmentIn consultation with the anti-corruption body
15Creation of the Anti-Corruption section on the official website and its functioningSection on the Internet resourcePress SecretaryFebruary
16Conducting an internal analysis of corruption risks in the center's activities.Reference Lawyer 1st half of 2021
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