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Movchan Vladimir Kirillovich (11/01/1937 - 11/11/2002) was born in the village Lesovichi of Kiev region.
The scientific activity of Vladimir Kirillovich was devoted to the agricultural science of Kazakhstan. Breeder, student and follower of Kuzmin V.P. He gave all his knowledge to the agricultural science of Kazakhstan. He developed the theoretical foundations and methods of breeding, improving the principles of selection of parental pairs and selection of genotypes in breeding which did not lose relevance today. He is the author of more than 10 varieties of spring wheat, among those varieties are occupying more than a million hectares each: Akmola-2 (1.4 million hectares), Astana (about 1 million hectares), and Astana-2. For his work, V.Movchan awarded the medals "For the development of virgin and fallow lands", "Veteran of Labor", gold, silver and bronze medals of the Exhibition of Achievements of National economy of the USSR, a diploma of the second degree of the EANE of the Kazakh SSR. скачать dle 12.0
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