Agronomists in the fields of A.I. Barayev SPCGF


In the fields of A.I. Barayev SPCGF work continues on pre-sowing preparation of the soil. It is important to follow the recommendations for tillage and their timeliness, depending on the prevailing weather conditions and moisture conservation problems. Therefore, the chief agronomist Kaldygozov Nartai Ashirbaevich and his colleagues agronomists, seed growers and the agronomist of the landfill for precision farming, Tasbulatov Zhanat, conduct daily monitoring and planning of work.

Experienced agronomists and modern production equipment allow us to achieve compliance with all the requirements of agricultural technology. During the pre-sowing treatment, the machine operator Alexander Ganziev shows high productivity and quality of processing on a complex consisting of a John Deere tractor and a trailed disc harrow AMAZONE Katros.

On the picture is the chief agronomist Kaldygozov Nartai Ashirbaevich, machine operator Alexander Ganziev, agronomists Tasbulatov Zhanat, Wolf Sergey.
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