Pay tribute to the memory of great scientists


For the second year already, traditionally young scientists of the SPCGF have taken patronage over the burial sites of the great scientists Valentin Petrovich Kuzmin, Alexandra Alekseyevna Zaitseva and Alexander Ivanovich Barayev at the local cemetery near the village of Nauchnyi. With great care and attention, the members of the Council of Young Scientists carry out the necessary work to improve them.
Today, on the day of Radonitsa, a memorial holiday for Orthodox Christians, Chairman of the Board Serekpayev Nurlan Amangeldinovich visited the grave of academician Alexander Ivanovich Barayev, where he rests next to his wife Alevtina Filippovna. SPCGF scientists paid tribute to the memory of the great scientist, founder of the first institute of grain farming during the development of virgin and fallow lands, whose name and vast scientific heritage are immortal.
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