Social-scientific project is in action


The social and scientific project “Bird: from yard to table” is actively being carried out in the district; residents of the villages of Damsa, Stepnoye and Nauchnyi and Shortandy villages are actively involved in its implementation. Passed a qualifying round of farmsteads for compliance with the content of poultry in a personal subsidiary farm.
The performers of the scientific project, the head of which is Saginbaeva M.B., candidate of agricultural sciences, held a number of consultations with those who expressed a desire to participate in this projectmeat products. Today representatives of the local trade unionof S. Seifullin KATU, headed by the chairman Aitkhozhin S.K., began the procedure for concluding contracts personally with each participant, clearly explaining the rights and obligations of the parties. At the same time, brooders are delivered for keeping poultry in the first 10-15 days, A.R. Bryukhov, a specialist in electrical equipment of "A. Barayev SPCGF" LLP, personally works with the participants on the use of the device.
This is how we bring together the interests of urban and rural residents within the framework of an extensive socially oriented project "Business development in private household plots"!
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