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On October 19, Kanat Ashkeyevich Akshalov turns 70, a man who has devoted his whole life to science, who has made a great contribution to its development. His scientific research is internationally recognized and relevant for farmers. His scientific career is 48 years.

Akshalov Kanat Ashkeyevich started working as a junior researcher, worked as head of the agriculture department, deputy general director and currently Kanat Ashkeyevich is in charge of the laboratory for adaptive and agrolandscape cultivation technology. Scientific research is aimed at developing and substantiating the technology of cultivating agricultural crops, on soil fertility, methods of protecting soil from wind and water erosion. Joint research with scientists from the USA, Canada, Japan on the issues of ecology and soil fertility received wide international recognition, the results of which were published in high-rated scientific journals in the USA, Japan, and Europe. He is one of the few scientists in Kazakhstan who has an officially recognized high rating of scientific publications. The Hirsch index in the scientific publications "Web of Science" is 4.0 and the Hirsch index is 9.0 in the publications "Scopus". Our scientist collaborated with the international organizations CIMMYT, ICARDA to improve the soil protection system of agriculture and the study of alternative crops in arid conditions.

Kanat Akshalov is one of the main authors of the development of the principles and effectiveness of intensification of the technology of cultivation of spring wheat, barley, oats and other crops, a new concept of intensive, fallow land farming in the arid steppe of Northern Kazakhstan under the leadership of Academician M.K. Suleimenov. Now he is working on the problems of new systems of soil cultivation and sowing of agricultural crops, ecology, diversification of crop production, the use of modern agricultural machinery. He trained and prepared 4 masters of agricultural sciences at the A.I. Barayev SPCGF, Shortandy, co-supervisor of 3 undergraduate students from Japan, USA, 2 PHD students from the USA and Japan.

Kanat Ashkeyevich has more than 200 scientific publications, of which more than 20 are in English, published in edited scientific journals in the USA, Japan, Germany, Turkey and others. He has 12 innovative patents in Kazakhstan, more than 50 publications in public republican and local publications. Participant of numerous international, republican and regional scientific conferences, seminars, discussions, field days. Akshalov K.A. with scientific projects he visited the USA 14 times, Canada and Japan 5 times, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, the CIS countries 4 times. Akshalov K.A. is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English, he also knows Japanese.

He is a co-leader of the Republican scientific project of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, supervised grant projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carried out international projects jointly with UNDP, the World Bank, FAO, CIMMYT, ICARDA.

At present, the scientist cooperates with agricultural producers and farmers in Northern Kazakhstan on the introduction of modern technologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops, being a scientific consultant to agricultural producers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Conducts numerous consultations and seminars for farmers. He actively works with agricultural producers in the Shortandy region.
Thanks to his efforts, scientists from Germany were invited, who together with him implement joint research projects on soil fertility and erosion, which are supported by the Government of Germany and the German Embassy in Kazakhstan. German investments were attracted to implement them.

Akshalov Kanat Ashkeyevich was awarded a certificate of honor by the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Kazakhstan to the Day of Agricultural Workers for the contribution to the development of scientific support of the agro-industrial complex, a certificate of honor of “NASEC” JSC, medals: "20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "20 years of Maslikhat of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "25 years of Maslikhat of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "To the 100th anniversary of Academician A. Barayev "," Veteran of Labor "," Shortandinsky District - 80 years." He also has letters of gratitude and diplomas from the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, akim of Akmola region, akim of Shortandy region, international certificates of the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Russia and other countries.

Kanat Ashkeyevich is a versatile personality, his range of interests is wide: sports, language learning, active social activities, charity.
Akshalov K.A. actively participates in the development of the economy of the Shortandy region, all labor activity took place within the walls of this world-famous scientific center of grain farming. Despite his enormous employment, Kanat Ashkeyevich actively participates in the economic and social life of the Shortandy region. Akshalov KA. was repeatedly a deputy of the Zhdanovsky village council and a deputy of the Shortandinsky regional maslikhat. Akshalov K.A. is a member of the public council of the Shortandy region, a sports veteran, a multiple winner of regional competitions in winter and summer all-around, for 30 years defends the honor of the Shortandy district.

Akshalov K.A. is very good family man, together with his wife Akshalova S.K. raised 2 sons who successfully fulfill the State interests of Kazakhstan in international organizations.

Kanat Ashkeyevich rightfully earned high authority both among scientists of Kazakhstan and the international community, as well as among the staff of the A.I. Barayev SPCGF.

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