25-30 c/ha: the Taimas wheat variety is recommended to be cultivated in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan

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On the experimental fields of “Naidorovskoe” LLP, a high yield of wheat Taimas has been achieved. 

Looking back, that a new variety of spring soft wheat (T. aestivum L.) - Taimas has been included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2022. 

Adilkhan Babkenov, scientist, Head of the Wheat Breeding Department of the SPC GF named after A.I. Barayev, comments on the test results in this way:

- Taimas was bred by us by hybridization with a simple pair crossing of the Duet variety on Lutescens 101/94–1, followed by individual selection from the fifth generation.

According to him, Taimas by the type of maturation refers to medium-ripened varieties. The growing season is differed from 90 to 100 days. Variety - Erythrospermum:

- Short-stemmed, the average height of plants is 60-70 cm. According to the research results, it was noted that a decrease in plant height is associated with a change in growth functions, that is, there is a redistribution of biological material, due to which grain yield increases, - the scientist says. 

In addition, according to the results of molecular analyses, the new variety is resistant to brown rust (P. triticina Eriks.) – Lr19 and Lr37, lodging and drought. 

Also, a large-grained variety, the weight of 1000 seeds can form up to 40 g:

- According to technological indicators of grain quality, the Taimas variety belongs to strong wheat: the content of raw gluten: 32.3-34.5%, protein - 15.1-15.7%. The variety is high-yielding, over the years of study, the maximum yield was formed - 38.5 c / ha. 

The breeder in the conversation of the ZM stressed that since the variety is the real basis for obtaining high sustainable yields, it must meet the needs of the producer, meet the growing conditions in the territory for which it is created. That is why Taimas is recommended by scientists of the SPC GF for cultivation in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan.

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