The scientific research of the Center’s scientists is aimed at accelerating the scientific and technical development of the agro-industrial complex economy


  On March 29 in Petropavlovsk there was held a regional seminar - meeting on the issues of organized spring field work in North-Kazakhstan region with the participation of the Minister of Agriculture Saparov A.S. and representatives of the agrarian sector of the region. Speaking at this important agricultural forum, the Chairman of the Board of “SPC GF named after A. I. Barayev” Savin T. V. outlined the role and place of the Center's activities in the light of the current diversification of crop production, creation of high-quality and competitive varieties, development and implementation of resource-saving agro-technologies and providing scientific and educational services. At the same time, Timur Vladimirovich noted that scientific research will focus on improving the sustainability of crop cultivation, including the preservation and replenishment of the gene pool, practical breeding of 17 types of crops, adaptation and development of new agricultural technologies, provision of services to determine the quality of grain, feed, oilseeds and to determine agrochemical indicators of soil quality.

  According to the scientist, the head of the Center, representatives of the agribusiness of the target regions are waiting for this whole range of significant issues in the deadline mode from the scientists. Today, taking into account the transformations in the agricultural market and weather and climatic conditions, the breeding work at the Center is aimed at creating varieties with a multi-purpose character, oriented to the domestic market. Breeders are also intensifying their work on the creation of early-ripening, drought-resistant, high-yielding varieties of crops for the northern regions. Farmers of the North Kazakhstan region actively support cooperation with scientists of the Center, scientific consulting of farmers has been established with farms online and with visits to the fields of partner farms and support for crop production and mainly cultivation of varieties of agricultural crops of SPC GF’s breeding. Thus, in the total structure of spring wheat crops, the share of breeding varieties of the Center’s breeding for North Kazakhstan Region is about 25 percent. Also, within the framework of the STP on agriculture, new elements of intensive and precision farming systems have been developed and adapted in the basic farms of the region. In conclusion of his speech, T.V. Savin noted that the boundaries of close cooperation should only be expanded, and the resource opportunities that are available to improve the situation should not be overlooked.

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